Hi! We are Jan & Anne, the owners of Backpackkit and we love to travel!

Backpackkit is our adventure and we want to share it with as many backpackers as possible. Meeting so many backpackers and sending them prepared on their next adventure is our passion so our goal is to send many more on their way with our Backpackkit. Enjoy!

anne en jan backpackkit
Jan & Anne from Backpackkit

Where our passion for backpacking comes from?

Anne: “I never really used to like going on holidays with my parents, I would miss my friends and horse too much. At university we had to do an internship abroad, so I went to Tenerife for 3 months. I loved it so much that I went to Australia for my second internship and from then on the travel bug found me and never left. I get totally hypnotized by mountains, the sea, islands, white sand, and the jungle. I love how everywhere in the world I can feel at home and how the people I meet can some how become my family.”

Jan: “I’ve always been fascinated by other cultures and how people live in different places around the world. There differences and similarities always seem to amaze me. My first big trip was a tour of South-East Asia, and travelling hasn’t let me go. Recently, I have been exploring great landscapes in Iceland, Bosnia and Iran.”